HashGains – A Perfect Solution For Crypto Currency Mining

If somebody is looking for an ace company for the purpose of crypto currency mining then it is so sure that no one can beat HashGains. HashGains is the latest subsidiary company of Futuristics Internet Services which is a hundred percent entity of Cyfuture the IT giant.

A golden opportunity to invest in the crowd sale initial coin offering of HashGains token has come up by virtue of which people may invest on the utility tokens which could be double way employed to mine the crypto currency at stipulated hash rate over the platform of HashGains.

Early investors shall be provided special discounted prices to the range of 30 % plus 30 % to 50 % bonus tokens too shall be gifted during the presale of this ICO crowd sale.

HashGains is trying to gain the market by launching its utility token’s initial coin offering on the date of 26th of January 2018. HashGains has an expectation of getting a total market turnover at around $ 30 million and the accumulated amount shall be used for installing Mega data centers; working over the cloud in Canada as well as in India.

The current estimation of the total Power capacity ranges is between 75 megawatts to 100 megawatt. The whole of the unit shall be based upon green energy of sun as well as of the water i.e. hydroelectric power plants. The deployment of renewable sources of energy for the power generation which shall be used to mine the crypto currency at HashGains platform shall cause a reduction in the per unit price of electric power.

The reduction in the power requirements would directly benefit the investor as the mining costs would reduce drastically. With this, the company has set up its mission and vision to become among the top cryptocurrency mining service companies of the world by generating a hash power in the range of a whopping 100 PH per second. Since, its launch the HashGains platform has accumulated 50,000 clients in its kitty and the future target is to, achieve 1 million clients by the end of year 2020.

By being the wholly owned subsidiary of Cyfuture group HashGains has already taken a head start in the race to become a leader in the crypto currency mining industry. Cyfuture is a renowned name in the word of data centers and has been in this field for more than 15 years.

The parent company has served Fortune 500 customers and its total market capitalization is getting bigger on a day by day basis. The company has come up with its mining plans for various crypto currencies which are listed over its web-portal. The plans seem to be promising as the Return on Investments are going to be manifold times of the initial investments if we vouch for the current upheaval in the prices of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Besides this, mining of crypto currencies offer other diverse advantages too:

Multitudes of Datacenters Ranging across the World
HashGains has multifarious data centers in China, USA, and India contributing extreme hash rates.

Mining Capability Of Numerous Cryptocurrencies in One Go
You shall be given the aptitude of mining many crypto currencies in one go by applying the HashGains platform.

Implausible Proceeds
HashGains pledge you of providing you farfetched earnings over your assets over its mining platform.

Booming Start
One could instigate crypto mining via HashGains over a particular day and gain daily-basis bonus disbursements into your wallet.

What is worth mentioning and laudable about HashGains is that they have come up with a unique bounty program where you get the chance to win free HashGains Tokens for doing certain tasks for the promotion of HashGains Crypto Mining Program and its ongoing Initial Coin Offering.

One may earn crypto coins by participating and subsequently promoting crypto currencies by virtue of sharing videos, blogs, and social media posts on the platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Google+ etc. Referral Programs are also in existence where you need to refer your acquaintances so that they sign up for this unique mining and token crowd-sale program.

I would like to repeat that for finding a perfect solution for crypto currency mining there is nothing better than HashGains, as of now, at least.
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