Why Do You Need A Weather Forecast App On Your Smartphone?

Because of its versatile functionality and applicability, you can use your Smartphone as a portable computer, in the recent times. Besides connectivity and efficiency, you can use these handy handsets for just anything and everything that you need to make your lifestyle, comfortable and easy.

To cite a few, you can have GPS navigation, messaging, media player, sensors, event calendar, web browser, virtual assistant, and the latest Weather forecast app.

Weather Forecast is no more like fortune-telling. It has become more sophisticated and reliable because of the advanced technologies such as the Doppler radar, advances in meteorology and satellite imaging. Quantitative data are collected about the current state of the atmosphere at a given time at a given location by projecting how the atmosphere will change.

Earlier, the forecast was made based on human endeavour by observing the barometric pressure, current weather conditions and sky conditions. But now, it is based on computer-based models aided by human efforts such as skills of pattern recognition, knowledge of telecommunication, model biases and model performances. 

The following are the reasons why we need reliable Forecast Apps:

1. Life Made Easy

It has been aptly said that Income Tax raid and illness never come with prior notice. They are always unpredictable and hence make life troublesome. Similarly, the unpredictability of weather makes life troublesome and difficult. 

To make your life organised, you need to make schedules and plan things. But, unfavourable weather may come in your way. The onset of monsoon necessitates increased awareness about the weather.

2. Real-time Weather Forecast

The weather app brings to your knowledge, the real-time daily forecast of weather and tells you about the current temperature, level of humidity in your locality. It also tells you if the sky is clear or has overcast conditions. The smart will alert you to any adverse weather.

3. Weather Warning

Weather Warnings are essential for protecting life and property. If you are a trader in the commodity market or are in the agriculture sector, the temperature and precipitation can help you to take protective and remedial measures.  It can warn you against any flash floods, dark and stormy night, high or low temperature, UV index and hurricanes. 

4. Weekly Forecast

You can get detailed information weather likely to occur in the next week on the hour-to-hour basis about rain and snow. A handy map can show you where rain or snow will fall. You can also get custom alerts that may come to you by name on your smart-phone. You will be enabled to doplanning for the week.

5. Latest Weather News and Analysis

You can get latest weather news from across your country. From the in-depth analysis, you can better understand the weather activities. You can also get the global weather news from the apps. You can view the weather in multiple locations.

6.Google Weather Channel

This will show the conditions of weather over the hours of the selected days about the chance of rain and the projected wind speed. Its National Weather Service alerts you of a tornado two days before it touches your town or city.
If you have a weather forecast app, you can keep yourself away from the vagaries of weather and stay protected from them.
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