Time-lapse photography made simple – Few tips for novice photographers

If you haven’t yet heard of time-lapse videos, they permit the movie maker to change reality in a very creative and fun manner. Time-lapse actually demands you to shoot one frame of video at a specific time interval (as per your choice), like 1 frame per minute or even 1 frame per second. When you play that video later on, it will seem like you’ve hastened up time in such a manner that the events go faster than normal. 

If you’re standing atop a hill and you find the clouds moving quickly, you can set your camera and make it click a picture every 2 seconds. If you’re clicking sunrise, you can set your camera to click pictures every 8 seconds. Read on to know more on time-lapse photography.

 Looking into the details of what a time-lapse video is

Time-lapse is nothing but a cinematic technique where each frame of the ultimate video is captured during a specific amount of time, you can well understand by the name given to it – ‘time-lapse’. The time will be longer than what it appears when you play the final video.

Photographers literally thank this method of capturing an entire scene because they are easily capable of speeding up time which passes to an extent where they can illustrate a scene that couldn’t be visible normally. For example the motion of the stars, the movement of clouds, melting of ice cubes in a glass of water and many more. The time-lapse technique is able to produce awesome results and a photographer can apply this for covering documentaries on nature and for shooting a business clip.

A step-by-step guide to time-lapse photography for a novice

As first things always go first, let’s take a quick look at the basics of this technique of clicking pictures.

Ø  What will you need to create such a time-lapse video?

It is needless to say that the basic device that you will need to capture a time-lapse video is your camera, a tripod, an intervalometer and the perfect software.

Ø  How can you create a time-lapse video?

Now that your equipments are ready, you can get started. Think of the subject which you wish to portray, prepare the settings of the camera and make sure you’re ready to start off.

Ø  Intervals for time-lapse and indicative table of exposure

Now that you wish to get started, you should take a quick look at the interesting list of values. Though these can only be indicative, they can save your time in various situations, depending on the subject which you plan to portray.

Where to find appropriate music for creating time-lapse videos

Majority of the stock music companies don’t give permission to use their music in commercial videos. Hence, this won’t work for you. But there are other websites where you can pay a low fee every year and download as much as you wish to without having to follow any restrictions. You also get good music there.

For more information on time-lapse videos and smart devices to capture them, you may visit https://www.miops.com/. Strive to shoot the best time-lapse videos that can go viral on YouTube.
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