Getting Along with the SEO trends – Quality over Quantity is the word of the day!

Traffic is the first and foremost determinant of the ultimate success and growth of any e-commerce business. It is the driving force behind sales generation and business revenue. Of course, it also helps to keep any e-commerce business website ahead of competitors in search engine rankings.

Now, visibility is the prime factor that determines the amount of traffic you’ll get in time. Visibility in return is determined by the higher SERPs. Holding on to higher search engine rankings for a longer period of time is definitely the ultimate goal for any website, which in turn brings loads of traffic and revenues for the business; enabling the business to turn itself into an established product/service selling machine.

The problem is, how to achieve higher rankings and what are the core factors that determine the higher visibility and loads of traffic?

Simply; SEO!

Search Engine Optimization of (SEO) combines various digital marketing trends, all tactically combined in harmony and consistency. It is the driving force behind any successful e-commerce business; giving them higher visibility, larger audience reach, better traffic and ultimately larger portion of revenues.

Here, we will be looking at some winning SEO practices that will dominate the digital marketing industry in coming years. By tactically implementing these techniques, you can be sure of getting ahead of your competitors with higher rankings and increased visibility.
  1. Original Content
Content is one aspect that has retained its dominant and absolute critical position throughout the years of SEO implementation. Thus from the very beginning, the content marketing has remained one of the most vital determinants of success for e-commerce websites.

Today, the Search Engine Algorithms that are put in place to grade websites regard high grade and original content as high. The originality of the content against the generic content is graded higher by search engine algorithms. Google has effectively put in place algorithms that can differentiate between a generic content, stock descriptions, and tags against an originally developed intriguing content.

Using predefined templates and databases is no more good enough to generate higher search engine rankings, rather it can lead you to penalties (provided there is slightest of plagiarism) or lower visibility.

A higher value for original content will continue to dominate the industry for a long time and businesses need to adhere to the originality of content if they are to make any impact on search engine rankings.
  1. Optimization of Meta Description
Over the years, Google has been able to significantly update (read complicate) its search engine algorithms. Today, you need to follow a complete suite of recommendations and suggestions from Google, if you were to rank over its search algorithms.

Meta Descriptions are one of the recommended suggestions from Google’s algorithm. Though they aren’t the most important aspect of SEO suite, still you need to optimize Meta-Descriptions for higher Click Through Rate (CTR).
  1. Web Design
Ok, this isn’t the most hard-pressed recommendation in SEO algorithm, again you need to be considerate in this aspect as well.

A website should be designed keeping in mind different aspects of search engine optimization suite. For instance, you need to incorporate larger than life images and optimize them for better rankings. Further, the white space needs to be used wisely in any website design for it is one primary determinant of holding on to visitors, Amazon, Mighty Ape NZ, and other retail giants are great example of use of whitespace in web design. To help businesses, there are plenty of affordable website design companies in Auckland, effectively designed to facilitate an SEO campaign.
  1. Link Building
There are lowlife SEO professionals for whom link building is a dead practice. However, in today’s SEO suite, link building has more significant value than ever. The difference is the “Quality”. Where in past SEO practices include hundreds of link building sites without considering the quality, today it is all about the quality. Even few outside links over reputed sites can make a large difference for higher visibility and rankings.

Summing Up:

Google algorithms have gotten better and complex over time. Today, you need to fabricate a clear, concise and well-thought wheel to be able to rank high. The building block of your SEO campaign should revolve around quality, originality, and novelty, to be able to get any significant SERPs and a loyal customer base.
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