What features to look for in financial CRM software

In the financial world, quality matters more than quantity. Businesses strive to increase their customer base, but they concentrate their entire attention on improving the economic services that they provide their customers. They do not make the mistake of neglecting customer service experience, knowing perfectly well that clients are the most important source of income. On the contrary, they provide financial services that are capable of meeting customers’ high demands. The question now is how they manage to do so. Financial companies use customer relationship management software systems.

Investing in CRM financial software is what you should do as well. Why? The answer is simple: A CRM tool helps you understand the needs of the customers and build personal connections with them. A customer relationship management software system like https://www.bpmonline.com/crm/financial-crm is indeed useful. When selecting one, you have to pay attention to the features. A good CRM tool provides features that boost customer retention and help you gain a competitive advantage. These are the features you should be looking for in financial management software.
Customer service model
The reason why customers use social media in the first place is to make inquiries, complain, and report satisfaction. As you can imagine, they have pretty high expectations.  The technology should enable you to track and monitor transactions at important points, such as phone and email, store information about interactions and preferences, and offer precise information about each account. Bpm’online CRM software is such a software system. This system helps streamline customer-facing processes. But so does Pipedrive. It is equally important is for the CRM finance software to contain social media integration. Building strong connections on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter is good for business.
360° view of the finances 
Customers come to your business for various financial services, which is the reason why you need to know what products and services they are using. When it comes to making sales, having product knowledge is essential. People respond differently to products, being excited about some of them and completely ignoring the rest. Bpm’online financial CRM software is one of the few out there that can provide you a 360° view of the customer. With the application, you can:
·         See what products have been offered and the transactions that have been realized
·         View the history of interactions
·         Get customer information from social media networks
This kind of data is centralized in a database, which are only a few clicks away. You can use the information to personalize offerings and create targeted marketing material. If the customer relationship management system does not provide you an extended view on your financials, it is not worth investing in.

Security features 
CRM software, in fact any type of software program needs to have innovative security features. Sensitive details are shared online, like personal information, so it is necessary to be concerned about the security of the customer relationship management software system. Applications like Microsoft Dynamics have strong security features, but others do not. Taking into account that customer data might be lost, ensure that the electronic infrastructure acts like a barrier.
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