VoIP phones - The Main Features

Voice over Internet Protocol phones (VOIP phones) are by far the best telephony systems for businesses today. They have tremendously transformed how communication via phone in organizations, whether big or small, is carried out. Many people think that this service is only good because of the fact that it allows customization and perfectly make one network by converging the telephone network and the network used for internet. There are other numerous advantages though and some include the following;

Improved Sound Clarity

When VoIP phones were first introduced to the market, their clarity as far as voice was concerned, was a little bit wanting. Over time however, this has seen tremendous advancement and is now clearer that the traditional standard telephony.

Superior Voice Mails

The earlier telephony technologies also had voice mail capabilities but they were not nearly a match for VoIP phones. They come with voice mail capabilities that are way more advanced than the former. Now, even when making overseas calls, the sound clarity is perfect.

Call Forwarding.

It is frustrating for a customer to hear the phone ringing on the other side yet no one is picking it up to serve him. Call forwarding, call queuing and call transferring are only three among the many features of IP phones that give customers a wonderful experience. Call forwarding allows incoming calls to be redirected to another line.  You can forward all calls or maybe set it in a way that allows calls to be redirected only when they find the line busy or after a few rings, say three. This will certainly make the customers feel more appreciated. lack of such features make them feel ignored.

Voicemails/ unified messaging

Voicemail has for a long-time been very critical feature for notifying users that someone tried to reach them and delivering the voice message left by the caller. In IP phones, voice mail capability is way more advanced than in the traditional Standard telephony. Here you can receive voice mails on your phone, as SMS or have it transcribed and sent to your email as a PDF attachment. this is without a doubt a whole new level of convenience.

Alternative numbers

Another feature that makes VoIP the choice for many businesses is its ability to allow telecommuting. Users can make use of their office services from anywhere whether locally or internationally. This can happen either online or offline. By removing the barrier of being confined within four walls in order to use your offices telephone system, an organization using IP telephony is certainly more completive.

Say No to Anonymous Callers

Its irritating and time wasting receiving anonymous calls from people who even refuse to identify themselves completely. VoIP allows you to send anonymous calls to voice mail where by the caller will introduce him/her and if it is someone you are interested in speaking to, resume to the call. If however the caller refuses to identify himself, you can reject the call.

These are just but a few of the benefits of VoIP phones. If your organization therefore is futuristic, this is an option that you should certainly consider.
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