7 Effective Commands for Improved Animation Workflow

What steps do most professionals in the industry follow while planning their animations? Find out from the simple animation workflow commands mentioned below:

1. Simplicity is the Best Policy

It is important that you keep your tools as simple as possible. Outline the basic concept of animation with a piece of paper. It is better to stay offline and focus on using your own distinctive imagination. Sketching should be done at a place away from computer/laptop. This removes any distractions and allows you to focus on developing a simple yet unique storyboard.

2. Develop a Simple Storyboard

Charting out the start, end of the frame and also a few frames in between is crucial to have the clarity prior to start coding. You simply need to spend around 5-10 minutes on a smaller animation. This will save you several exhaustive hours of coding and even experimenting with the browser. The process demands breaking down larger concepts into smaller portions. The number of portions will depend upon your comfort factor with the code. Poor drawing skills should not thwart your passion to storyboard. The process is more than just beauty. You need to have a good amount of clarity in your crown!

3. Flexibility is the Key

Your initial ideas and concepts might not be enough for shaping the final project. You should be flexible enough to amend and tweak your ideas and concept on the basis of their looks, performance and overall feel in the browser. The storyboard should be used as a guide only!

4. Browser Experimenting

Having the best storyboard is not a guarantee that your animation will stand out. You should try it out in the browser. Also fine-tune the placing, timing and easing very cautiously. Break all larger elements into smaller portions to animate them distinctly. This is important for your animation to feel and look more crafted.

5. Be Familiar with Your Tools

How well do you know your tools? You may feel that you have the best idea, but when it comes to animate, you might not know if margin-left is needed in place of translateX. You may not have a clue about the function of transform-origin. This is devastating. In short, you need to master your tools to come up with beautiful animations. Practice leads to perfection. Hence, do not expect an overnight miracle or to develop an award winning animation the first time. Get reviews and learn from your mistakes.

6. Focus on Regular Feedback

If you are serious about improving your animations, get serious feedback from all possible places. Try displaying your work (also work in progress) to your friends and colleagues. This allows you some time to accurately polish up the whole thing prior to the deadline. Showing the final project might not work as you might be shocked to know the number of things that requires being fine-tuned. This will lead to a lot of stress and even mar the quality of the final product.

7. Don’t Miss Out on Fun

Having fun is definitely important. Not enjoying what you create can have a negative impact on the final product. Most Top web design agencies make sure that their employees have a ball producing animations. This is how they come up with their best creation. Hence, make sure you enjoy doing your project right from start to finish. If you do not sport a smile on your face while coding it, the audience won’t smile at your animation!

To Sum Up

What do you think your animation workflow looks like? If you are not satisfied with the present animation workflow, follow the above stated commands for an improved and more efficient version.
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