4 Plugins for Streamlining Your Workflow with a Minimal WordPress Dashboard

Most people hate working on their digital platforms for not being intrinsically intuitive and safe. They expect their platforms to be integrated with some amazing set of features. Unfortunately, all of these remain clogged in WordPress admin only to deter users from achieving maximum potential while building websites.

WordPress covers the basic elements one requires for managing site within the admin. However, this may not work as the ideal setup for most users. Most experts from the industry recommend de-cluttering as an important element in the process of web design and development. It enhances communication, focus, and ensures additional control over guiding visitors to and around website. Minimalism is the key to success. De-cluttering techniques can help improve communication and focus while working with WordPress.

There are many benefits of giving WordPress admin a minimal makeover. It helps eliminate distractions through a trimmer, cleaner interface. You can save a lot of time and increase productivity via hiding menu items that aren’t needed and add tabs or pages that comprise of helpful information. Adding and disabling custom widgets to the admin is easier. This helps get easy access to the items that add more value to your workflow.

Creating a Minimal WordPress Admin

WordPress is widely acknowledged for having an intuitive platform. However, one just gets confused much to sift through. Do you really need to see all those widgets on the admin or the tabs on the sidebar? Sure, they’re not hurting anyone, but they are distracting and often unnecessary.

When optimizing any workspace, you should aim to make it fit into your personal workflow and not the other way around. If you want to work more efficiently, create a space that works for you and not against you.

Here are some tools that will enable you to minimize your admin and better streamline your workflow recommended by WordPress support services and authentic in WordPress:

1. Admin Menu Editor

Although WordPress comes with an amazing drag-and-drop Menu editing tool to ensure navigation bar that shows up on the website, the backend admin editor lacks any such feature. WordPress menu editor plugin is a hot favourite among users. It essentially provides you the similar control over editing tab.

2. Ultimate Branding Plugin

A WPMU DEV product, Ultimate Branding plugin will offer you much more than just white labeling or WordPress backend branding. It is available with a number of options for minimizing and customizing admin. The plugin will help you update dashboard widgets, and rename and reorder menu tabs. It will also update admin toolbar at the top with links you require instant access to.

3. Adminimize Plugin

If full control over WordPress admin and the dashboard is what you need for yourself and your users, trust the Adminimize plugin. It will help you control the whole thing on WordPress front and backend. You can exercise control over visibility of several sidebar tabs, admin color schemes, capabilities for plugin and theme management, minimization of admin bar, and much more.

Wrapping Up

There are many benefits of having a minimized workspace. It helps users streamline and handle day to day work. Avoid going overboard in this process. You need to focus on simplifying WordPress without making your digital workspace scarce and uncomfortable. Minimal yet smart has been the key to achieve maximum potential.

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