TheOneSpy review, Mobile & Computer monitoring Apps

TheOneSpy is the greatest and the powerful tracking app very useful for parents, employees and for spouses to monitor the computer devices accurately and efficiently. The surveillance software is very handy when it comes to tracking the devices running the Android, IOS and Blackberry OS, and computers OS of windows and MAC. The Application can be subscribed with the monthly, quarterly and yearly subscription of the packages run on the basis of systems and functionalities. 

The Ultimate & Reliable Features of Spy App

Let’s discuss the features of the smartphone and computer machine spy app

Track Instant messages

The user can get their eyes on all sent and received SMS, MMS, instant messages, Voice messages and chat and conversations along with the real time and duration. It also enables a user to view name and the contact number. 

Call tracker 

The end-user can listen and record all inward and outward cell phone calls and even can be downloaded. The user can also view call logs, instant messaging application’s call logs along with the complete time stamp and duration. The user can view saved contacts. 

Monitor IM’s Social Media

the cell phone tracking software allows user to view logs of all trendy social networking apps and dating apps such as Facebook, Tinder, Yahoo, Whatsapp, Skype, Line, Vine, and many others alike. The user can get their logs such as chat and conversation logs, shared media files; VoIP calls to text messages and group chat. 

Monitor and Filter websites

The powerful cell phone and MAC monitoring software enable a user to view the browser activities such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari and other internet activities on the particular cell phone device. All the in appropriate websites and carnal content can be blocked within no time. User just needs to put the URL into the filters of a website and consider it done. 

Monitor Mail

The user can all sent and received emails and by a target person, User can even get their hands on a complete address of mail sender through Gmail. 


The spy app for phones and computer machines enables a user to view all the keystrokes applied to the target device such as password keystrokes, Messenger keystrokes, SMS keystrokes and email keystrokes along with complete time stats.  

GPS location Tracker

The user can view current GPS location, location history, weekly location history and the user even can make their own preferences by marking safe and restricted areas for the target user. All of it is possible through cell phone monitoring app and MAC tracking software.

Data Backup 

The user can use the mobile phone and computer tracking app as data backup. It enables you to store complete information of your device in the control panel of data backup. The user can get back all the deleted messages, calls, SMS, contacts and whatever is running on your devices. 

Get your hands on Photo Gallery

All the photos, videos, and audio archives transferred into the target phone or window and MAC device can be viewed and also retrieved. 

Bug their Device 

The user has the power to deliver a command on the particular target device to get pictures and record short videos of the surrounds and create the bug in MIC of the target device in order to listen and record all conversations of the surrounds. 

Positivity of the app

Ø  The app is capable of working on various platforms such as phones, tabs, laptops and computer machines.
Ø  The tracking app is equally strong on all the target machines and devices.
Ø  The user even tracks live calls and listen to the recording.
Negativities of the software
Ø  There are some kinds of features which can be used to jailbroke of IOS phones and need to rooted Android phones.
Ø  The application is not compatible with the IOS 9 and 10.
Ø  The user cannot set the time limit of device screen for kids.
Ø  It does not support block websites on the cell phone devices.          


There is no comparison between other monitoring application and TheOneSpy. It is the most reliable accurate and ultimate application. The MAC and cell phone tracking software has much to offer parents to keep an eye on kids, view employees activities and for the spouse to caught cheater partners.
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