Softswitches – the revolution in the telecommunication industry

Softswitch is a famous technology that is used in the telecommunication industry. This switch has transformed the way the telecommunication industry functioned. This technology has changed the dynamics of congregating a stream of services of this industry such as the voice, fax, video and data. These softswitches differ from the conventional circuit switch technology. You can get this softswitch service from any VoIP solution provider

Telecommunications industry has witnessed considerable technical innovations in the recent years. One development which can hardly be overlooked is the revolutionizing Softswitch Technology. The Softswitch has started to replace traditional switches based on hardware. The technology enables connectivity between the Internet, wireless networks, cable networks and conventional telephony network, resulting in a converged network. 

About Softswitch 

This is an IP technology based voice and multimedia switch. This is an overarching idea of open gateways that connects a wide array of media services. It connects between the sender and the receiver and enables widespread service creation. This Softswitch is designed to replace the Class 5 Softswitch and Class 4 switches predicated on the circuit switching technologies. 

This switch is able to process the signaling for all types of packet protocols. This switch is also referred to as call agent or media gateway controller which is a key component in the VoIP solution.

How it differs from traditional switches?
  • Softswitch is a software-based switching platform. This is not like other hardware-based switches.
  • These switches are also based on open systems. Architecture of traditional circuit switches is quite different. 
  • Softswitch is implemented on general purpose servers like SIP server. Conventional switches rely on facilities for inter-connection. 
  • Softswitch can deal with a wide set of applications including voice, fax, data and video. Hardware switch are designed primarily for voice communications.
Advantages of using Softswitches

  • Using these softswitches has a number of advantages 
  • Seamless integration of dissimilar networks and components  
  • New revenue stream for service providers  
  • Lower cost of solution deployment and total ownership 
  • Flexibility in deployment and operation  
  • Enabling innovative telecommunication services  
  • Reliable communication process  
  • Unified messaging
How these switches works? 

The VoIP Softswitch works on the idea of separating switching units from the core network infrastructure. A VoIP network combines telephone and computer networks, with the Softswitch acting as a junction or an interconnecting link between both the networks. Softswitch transfers multiple data requests from one network lending functionality to it.
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