Theft of air-time

Rich Galen is back in fine form after his stint in Iraq! Here’s a link to his latest, as of Wednesday; unfortunately it will only be good for a day or two, but JFM will try to keep it working, as it changes upon publication of the next Mullings. The topic-du-jour is the blatant damning with faint praise and mealy-mouthed protestations of Democrats trying to climb on the “we loved Ronald Reagan…really we did” band-wagon, some 20+ years on, solely for political gain for their current candidate.

Ronald Reagan spoke the truth in a loud clear voice: no ambiguities, no braggadocio, no empty promises, just statement of purpose and goals.

What the hell is wrong with clear straight-forward declarative sentences. Flowery effusive oratory may sound grand on the chaturbat campaign trail, but has NO place in governance. All those who look down on President Bush’s manner of speaking merely show their own lack of clarity and understanding, a wish for style, not substance. Simplicity does not mean stupidity; far better, it indicates a depth of comprehension that is well considered and well defined. And apparently above and beyond the capacity to understand of those who attempt to deride that easy ability to connect with the electorate.

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Some nice words about me…

Nickolaus Pacione has written the following kind words about my writings over at The Temple of Dagon:

I read this guys work on and knew right away I was going to be hooked to his work. He is a talented writer and the stories that were picked for the website represented his talentes well. I knew about him and his work on authorsDen but I could not get a hold of him until now when he started keeping his blog. Andrew take a bow man, you earned it with your approach to the Mythos. It is not since Lovecraft that someone was able to belt off that kind of horror.

It’s nice to see this sort of praise for my Mythos writing. Any writer appreciates knowing that people like his work. I am humbled by such glowing praise. This is especially nice considering that Arkham House is sniffing around the site looking at its contents and contributors.

Coincidentally I am writing the latest Sage of Wales tale this week.

Howard on the EU

I agree with Iain on this one; Howard and Co have blown it in these European elections. Instead of trying to take UKIPs thunder, they have handed them voters on a silver platter. I was recently in a room with 3 former Tory voters/activists. Every single one of them was going to vote UKIP is this election. Unfortunately for Howard, the live sex shows voters do not see UKIP as a bunch of loons and cranks. Howard describing them as such was a big mistake.

At least he hasn’t made the mistake of some and hinted at the similarity between UKIP and the BNP. That is really stupid and completely untrue.

Of course, you could always forsake all parties and just go for the true evil: Cthulhu Ia! Ia!

Update: Iain Murray has weighed in on the UKIP factor.

Now that Schuie has proven himself king of F1, why doesn’t he try NASCAR? There are a few F1 drivers who came out of their ranks. Let’s see how Michael does at Darlington and Daytona. Wonder how the boys in NASCAR would take to the Ferrari driver.

The latest craze in London seems to be mobile clubbing. The jasminelive concept is similar to flash mobs, but is more individualistic. In short, you show up to the time and place, dance by yourself to your own music, and leave when it’s over. The organisers claim to be getting quite a few people to show up to these events.

A YouGov poll has found Britons overwhelmingly in favour of a referendum on the final version of the EU Constitution. Alas, early today a government minister told those who responded positively to get knotted. He actually said the referendum was “not worth the waste of time or money.”

Something for the weekend

Here is an absolute cracker from Dave Barry’s 2005 calendar, which I keep on my desk at work. This entry for Feb. 4 has had me grinning like a lunatic for much of the day:

“When word got out about the extra projects in the war bill back in 2003, Senator John McCain, a big spoilsport about this kind of thing, raised a stink. He said that even if these projects were worthwhile, they had no business being in the war bill. Or, as he put it, “The sea lamprey does not, pose a clear and present danger to national security.” Various House members also criticised the senators for using a national emergency to avoid normal legislative scrutiny and make taxpayers pay for flagrant pork, although, to their credit, none of them pointed out that Flagrant Pork would be a good name for a rock band.”

Hey fellow G.o.D members, would it work?

Pure genius. You should read Barry’s blog every day to realise the amount of pure, unadulterated barminess there is in the world.

Best wishes and hugs

A dear freind of this blog has successful gone through surgery to remove cancerous tissue. I hope you will join me in wishing her the quickest and most successful recovery possible.

The Gray Monk has written a nice piece about yesterday’s events.

Just to remind people… wording pinched from Murray.

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Something is very, very wrong in France

In the country whose two greatest contributions to the sum of human happiness are wine and fornication, comely winemaker Catherine Gachet, of Chateau Bastard, has been forced to reshoot an advertising photograph in which she poses with a glass of wine on the grounds that she looks “too sexy".

Under a 1991 law, using sex to sell wine - not just in door-to-door salesmanship; even in photographs - is outlawed. Madness.

In the first place, the ruling ignores the established historical relationship between sex and wine. In the second, it introduces a ludicrous element of subjectivity into advertising standards. What’s sexy? Should the bare feet of paysan grape-treaders be banned from wine ads lest they lure foot-fetishists into alcoholism?

Let us imagine, though, consensus is reached. Only ugly, frowning old boilers may be used in the ads. How long before the first beautiful vigneronne complains of discrimination before the European Court?